How you can make space in your mind & heart ♥️ 

Every new season can inspire our desire to let go of something. Much like when we take a look at our closets and start a keep and giveaway pile. I really think this is also true when it comes to looking at how we move through our lives. Maybe this closer look at how we’re living comes at the change of season or not, but we are given an opportunity to reflect on what we want & need to live more authentically as who we are.

Living a life that is true to you is not a destination as far as I am concerned. Every single time we shed something or someone that is no longer working for us, we reach deeper layers of discovery. This process of shedding continues. The deeper we go, the more truthful our life experience becomes.

Pen, paper, computer – Grab whatever you need and make 3 columns. I have no idea how to make columns on a computer, so you’ll find me with pen and paper.

Here are some general life categories to consider as you think about these columns:

Your job

Your intimate relationships

Your family relationships

Your home

Your mental health

Your physical health

Your financial health

Column 1

List everything in your life you genuinely feel is working well.

Column 2

List everything in your life you feel is not working. Be honest in this list. Try not let yourself slip into denial. If something comes up and it makes you pause, write it down. You’re only making a list not running out to make an immediate change.

Column 3

For every item you listed in column 2 – write as specifically as you can the steps you would need to take.

This will give you incredible insight. You will always find the added piece of acton steps on my site when we explore who we are. Exploration can sometime leave us feeling scared. Please always remembered how empowered you are to make your own changes. We are victims of our circumstances no more!

xo, Anandah

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