Why Coaching Works

I use four specific tools to help you reach your goals: intentional listening, open-ended questioning, collective brainstorming, and empowered planning.

You won’t find these four tools in everyday conversations, but they can make all the difference in helping you know yourself, make a masterplan, anticipate obstacles, and create lasting change. 

#1 – Intentional Listening

A coaching conversation is different than any other conversation—and that’s because as a coach, I listen intently for what’s going on behind and between your words. As you share your goals and obstacles, I’m always listening for your why. And I’ll always take careful notes to help us stay on-track, leading you to find your own insights.

#2 – Open-Ended Questioning

I know that breakthrough doesn’t come from the outside world…it comes with within you. That’s why I won’t try to lead you to one particular conclusion or offer unsolicited advice. Rather, I’ll make a point to ask questions that help you explore new possibilities and consider new ways of thinking.

#3 – Collective Brainstorming

This is where some of the biggest breakthroughs and best ideas happen. Together, you and I will problem-solve, dream big, and give voice to new ideas. There’s no judgment in this collaborative process until everything’s been said.

#4 – Empowered Planning

While I will ask you, the client, to create action steps at the end of every session, you’ll never be left hanging. I’ll be here to support and encourage you along the way, always with the goal of helping you discover your next right step.


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