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Anandah is an expert in the field of coaching. She brings her skill, spot on intuition, and passion for you to thrive to every single session. AND she believes in the LOVE you seek in your life.
Anandah is thrilled to be certified in the Calling in the One Program and is excited to offer this groundbreaking program to you. Anandah has been trained by Katherine Woodward Thomas who developed The Calling In The One Method.

Katherine Woodward Thomas is a sought after Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and New York Times Bestselling Author of Calling In The One.

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(even—and especially—if you think it’s
just not possible for you)

Ready for a radically different love story?

Calling in “The One” is for you if:

  • You’re done settling for crumbs. You long to be met in a relationship that’s safe, happy, and whole—with a partner who builds you up and helps you realize your highest potential.
  • You have a deep desire for love but you’re also afraid you might never break free from the toxic patterns you were raised with (you absolutely can!)
  • You know that the kind of love you want isn’t going to “just happen”—and you’re willing to be an active co-creator in this process.
  • You’re excited about the idea that the future is not determined by your past, and that you can create an entirely different outcome through the intention you set right in this moment.

Calling in “The One” is about supporting you in finding your way to that future and leaving destructive patterns behind once and for all.

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