I help women in diverse life situations and transitions find their power, unique voice, and joy.

I create personalized tools and offer resources that pave the path for women to be able to thrive… To achieve the type of balance and life fulfillment they are yearning for. To be able to say yes to what they really desire and look honestly at the challenges and create openings to move through them.


I am committed to seeing your potential and believing the best in you and about you. I’m also committed to refraining from judgment and maintaining objectivity in our sessions. I view the coaching relationship as a partnership, but your interests will take center stage in our conversations. I’ll also be your biggest cheerleader and champion along the way.


Anandah is a vibrant and dynamic private life coach exclusively for women, inspirational speaker, and SoulCycle instructor based in New York City.  Anandah has completed the prestigious Life & Executive Coaching program at NYU and holds a Masters Degree from Columbia University. With excitement, honesty, and clarity, she uses her breadth of knowledge and experience to coach effectively in one-on-one or group settings.

What is Coaching?

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