Coaching FAQ

What is the goal of coaching?

The goal of coaching varies from client to client, depending on each person’s needs, goals and circumstances. Overall, though, our sessions will focus on helping you find direction and achieve breakthrough in your personal, creative or professional life. This may take a variety of forms: becoming more organized, creating healthier relationships, overcoming insecurity, developing a sustainable routine, setting and achieving professional goals, taking your business to the next level and more.


What is the difference between coaching and consulting?

Coaching is a symbiotic relationship, while consulting is often a more one-way interaction where an expert gives advice. In a coaching relationship, my goal is never to tell you what to do or how to do it. Rather, I want to come alongside you as you create your own solutions. That way, you are always an active member in the process, which leads to higher engagement and produces lasting change.


What about the difference between coaching and counseling?

There are certainly some similarities between coaching and counseling, but there’s a primary difference in focus. In counseling, the goal is typically to address a particular trauma, wound, disorder or habit. The focus, then, is typically recovery and/or healing. In coaching, the primary goal is to help you hone your skills and take the next steps in your personal or professional life. The counseling process often resembles reconstruction, while coaching typically functions like a powerful tune-up.


What’s Anandah’s coaching philosophy?

I am committed to seeing your potential and believing the best about you. I’m also committed to refraining from judgment and maintaining objectivity in our sessions. I view the coaching relationship as a partnership, but your interests will take center stage in our conversations. I’ll also be your biggest cheerleader and champion along the way, which may mean offering some tough love now and then.


Can you tell me more about the coaching relationship?

The most important characteristic of the coaching relationship is mutual trust. It’s vital that you feel safe with me as a coach. From that place of openness and honesty, we’ll work together to help you reach breakthrough, create lasting change, and thrive.


What results can I expect from coaching?

You can expect to come away from this experience with greater understanding of yourself, concrete goals and actionable steps to achieve them, and the confidence to overcome obstacles. Visit the What Is Coaching? tab to learn more about a few of the results you can expect.


How often should we meet?

It’s most common to meet every other week. That way, you have plenty of time between sessions to make progress on your action steps, and yet we’re still meeting often enough to maintain the momentum we’ve built. Some may prefer to meet every week as a way to accelerate progress or meet a deadline.


How long should I plan to work with a coach?

It’s common to start with a 4-session commitment. From there, we can add on sessions as desired.

Is coaching confidential?

Absolutely. All coaching conversations are strictly confidential.


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