What Is Coaching?

Coaching with Anandah is a strategic partnership with a simple goal: helping you achieve empowerment, success and freedom.
Here are four ways coaching helps you make lasting change:

Know Yourself

It’s hard to reach your biggest goals if you don’t first know what makes you you. Through the coaching process, we’ll engage in thoughtful conversation that will help you identify your motivations, natural strengths, core values, and deepest desires. Once you’re clear on those, you’ll be free to move forward and make decisions with clarity and confidence, knowing when to say no and when to say yes.


Make a Masterplan

Chances are you’ve set goals before, but maybe you’ve never quite been able to reach them. That’s why I’m here. I’ll help you name your biggest, craziest goals, and then we’ll get to work! Together we’ll set concrete, achievable action steps and develop creative solutions so you can start making strides and gaining traction.


Anticipate Obstacles

There will be roadblocks along the way—there’s no avoiding them. But the key is to be prepared when they come. Through our coaching conversations, we’ll anticipate any specific challenges, triggers or barriers that may stand between you and your goals. Then, when the obstacles come, you’ll be ready to face them.


Create Lasting Change

Real, lasting change doesn’t happen overnight—it happens one habit, one step, one win at a time. Every single session will end with client-led achievable action steps, so you’ll know exactly where to start. If you embrace the small wins and keep going, I know you’ll begin to see lasting results in your everyday life.

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