One of the things that has inspired me most about creating this digital space is my work as a @soulcycle instructor. As instructors, we might have a lot of life experience to share, but we also don’t like to talk too much in class. So we appropriately share a little bit here and there during a class.

I became interested in starting a conversation about the meaning of words, concepts, and intent beyond the sound bites we’ve become used to hearing, and deeper than only the headlines in a saturated media world. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the media.

Maybe some of the reason is my age. I don’t really know. I remember that when I was in my early struggle in high school, there was no internet, no google (obviously ☺️) and my only choice was to go the library or a bookstore to scour topics on what was bothering me. And then, I’d have to read something chapter by chapter to gain a deeper understanding.

I think it can be very, very hard to find a lightness and brevity in the dark.

Darkness can envelop us and for many of us out in the world, moving through struggle, sometimes everything seems dark and feels heavy. I love a good, inspirational quote. It can help in a moment. We can revisit it and be reminded that everything will be ok.

How do we sustain ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically when the dark and heavy feeling is prolonged?

When we feel like we don’t have any more strength to go up hill anymore? Whatever the reason is – grief, loss, illness, life transition of some kind, etc.

I don’t think there’s a “right” answer for anyone as to how to deal with feeling the darkness or the heaviness that uncertainty can bring.

What I do know as I sit here writing this on the airplane, is that prolonged comfort and strength to keep moving will likely come from more than one source. It will be utilizing your brain to make choices while you are likely in a morass of feeling.

Eating well when you can
Exercising when you can
Talk to friends
Talk to family
Speak to a professional
Find a support group
Be gentle with yourself
Allow yourself to feel what your feeling

I guess in a way, I want to debunk the idea that we will feel good all of the time or that stress will pass quickly because sometimes it won’t. Have you ever found yourself feeling like you can’t handle something anymore? When I reach the point in a stressful situation where I’m talking to myself and saying, “Why hasn’t this gotten better yet? I can’t take it anymore.” Then it’s time. Time to accept and to strap myself in for a ride and try to ride it as best as I can with the support that I have until there really, truly is a clearing. Just hold on – eventually, sooner or later, the light WILL come.

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