We can feel a lot of personal power while working toward a Dream or Goal. Think of the rush you get when something you want to achieve comes to mind. This focus can give us direction and a sense of hope especially if we are feeling stuck in a particular area of our lives.

I have consistently doubted my ability to reach goals once I’ve set them. Plus it has been tempting for me to wait until the perfect situation or circumstance comes along to give me “permission” to take a leap into unknown territory.

However, there is incredible value and strength to be derived from taking action toward your goals EVEN with self-doubt, fear or whatever obstacle you see in front of you. You have the ability to create the change you seek in your life.


Writing Dream or Goals can help you to become clear. It will also help you to create inspired action steps toward your goal. Be specific. This is a moment to practice setting aside what you think limits you and write your it all down on paper – unbridled and unburdened. I know for many of us that that can be a BIG ask. I think I have a Ph.D. in judging/criticizing myself, and I have 100% questioned if I am “deserving” of what I envision. I have bitten the bullet many times over to set my self-judgment & self-criticism aside. You can too. Invite yourself to be imperfect, have compassion for who you are in this moment, what you’ve been through, and write it down!


Take a moment and remember a time when you were a child and felt such excitement and joy that it filled your entire body. This is a time to allow yourself to play with what it would feel like once you’ve achieved your goal. Allowing yourself to imagine a clear path in front of you, full of possibilities. Sometimes when I do this, immediately my mind can say, “But what about the person/place/thing or situation that is in my way? I mean these are real!!”

Begin to understand that more is possible than your brain can envision! Inviting ourselves to feel whatever it is we feel when we imagine achieving our goal (excitement, hope, joy, etc.) can help us to release some of the self-doubt we might have about accomplishing our goal. This can help support us to take inspired action.


What will it look like when you achieve your Dream Goal? I decided I wanted and needed to feel better: body, mind and spirit. Once I could “see” the steps I needed to take to reach my goal, that became my focus.

ACTION STEP: Read your written Dream Goal first thing in the morning and before going to bed at night; then take 2 minutes (set a timer – I know you’re busy) to visualize and connect with what it will look like and feel like when you achieve your Dream Goal. Get it into your subconscious mind with a daily practice.

For more details, personal guidance, and support Anandah is available to coach you through this process step by step. Contact for more information!

xo, Anandah

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