About Anandah

Anandah Carter

I’m Anandah, and I’m here because I want to see you thrive. And since you’re here, I know you’re curious or ready to make a change.

I understand firsthand how hard it can be to overcome internal and external challenges to reach breakthrough. My own experience as a trauma survivor led me to use binge eating as a coping mechanism for years. In 2001, I found myself mired in deep depression, having gained 85 pounds, wondering what life could be like if I did more than just survive every day.

Based on my own personal growth and success through struggle and into freedom, I have developed a practical, step-by-step path to help people achieve their individual and group goals. Ultimately, I want to help you access your strength and ignite your passion.

Are you ready to make lasting change and say yes to what you really want? Pop your name, phone number and email in the boxes below to take the first step on this journey. I can’t wait to do this with you. 

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More About Anandah:

Anandah is a vibrant and dynamic inspirational speaker and dynamic private coach for women who are seeking a change in their career and/or relationships. Anandah is based in New York City. Anandah is also a professionally trained opera singer, has completed the prestigious Life & Executive Coaching program with NYU, and holds a Masters Degree from Columbia University, Teachers College. With excitement, honesty, and clarity, she uses her breadth of knowledge and experience to coach effectively in one-on-one or group settings.

Anandah is available for private coaching via video conference or in-person office visits in New York City for group coaching only.