About Anandah (Old)

Anandah Carter

Anandah is a vibrant and motivating inspirational speaker, private coach, and dynamic SoulCycle instructor based in New York City. Anandah is a professionally trained opera singer, holds a Masters Degree from Columbia University and is currently enrolled in NYU’s Diploma in Coaching from their School of Professional Studies. With excitement, honesty, and clarity she brings her depth and breadth of knowledge and experience working in one on one or group settings. She will skillfully and personally help you focus your ideas & energize your commitment to what it is you are seeking for yourself or your group.

Sometimes it’s hard to see the steps it will take to create a larger picture. Or we see the steps and feel paralyzed to move forward. Based on Anandah’s own personal success, she has developed a clear, step by step, powerful practice to help you achieve your individual or group’s goals. She will help you to use what you think limits your success to access your strength and ignite your passion. She wants nothing more than to see you get to where you’d like to be in your life and feel how you’d like to feel.

Anandah has taken her experience as a trauma survivor and has learned how to harness her own personal power to achieve deep breakthroughs. For most of her life, she used binge eating as a coping mechanism to deal with the emotional effects of what she experienced. In 2001, mired in deep depression and having gained 85 pounds, she became curious about what her life could be if she could do more than just survive through her day. What could be possible beyond depression and seeming limitations?

Why Coach With Anandah?

Anandah helps women in diverse life situations and transitions to move their lives forward by helping them find their power, unique voice, and their joy!

She creates solution oriented tools and offers resources that pave the path for women to be able to thrive… To achieve the type of balance and life fulfillment they are yearning for. To be able to say yes to what they really desire, look honestly at life challenges and create openings to move through them.

Anandah has taken her experience as a trauma survivor and has learned how to harness her own personal power to achieve deep breakthroughs. She suffered from deep depression and debilitating coping mechanisms. She wondered what life could be like beyond depression and obstacles. With compassion, empathy, and forward direction, she draws on her experience to authentically empower, inspire and motivate women.

Possibility > Passion > Persistence > Achievement

She found a richer and more amazing life than she could possibly imagine full of love and joy. With the experience of her own personal and professional successes and what she has learned from her “setbacks,” she will teach you not only that passion, clarity, and persistence will lead you to EXACTLY where you are meant to be, but also HOW your own skills will take you there. NOW is the time to really, truly Love Your Life.

Anandah is available for private & group motivational coaching via video conference or in-person visits in New York City.
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