Over the past 14 years I have used a Dreambox.  It’s a kleenex sized box with Post-it® notes and a pen. Every time there has been something I want to grow in my life or let go of, I put it in my Dreambox. This has always included my personal DreamGoals: a partner, a child, friendships I want to grow or let go of, and professional goals. Our lives are forever changing, growing in incredible ways. Our ability to cast our dreams and goals into a positive space can be more powerful than we realize.

I was curious about how we could create that same positive space in this community to represent the power and strength of coming together with our DreamGoals. This is my idea of SPL’s version of my Dreambox. Each leaf on this vine is your personal Post-it® note of dreams. With every dream added, our vine will continue to grow!

You can submit anonymously by typing “anonymous” or any name in the “Your Name” box below.

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To take my fitness regime to the next level and get into the best shape of myself!  

To take my fitness regime to the next level and shed that residual weight!

To make my personal life as much of a priority as my professional life.

To become a better me

To run a marathon… One day!

To become an amazing, kick ass surgeon one day.

To be in the best physical shape of my life!

Black Lives Matter – sending some energy in that direction. Thank you for this space anandah carter.

I want to stay sober.

I want to be a more patient school teacher.

I really want the deal I have in progress to go through.

To finally become at peace with my body and take action towards true and complete self-love, one baby step at a time.

Enjoy the great friendships that I’ve cultivated over the past year!

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