Hello Everyone. I am Whitney. I was always bullied for being overweight. I would be called names, couldn’t shop at the stores that all my friends would go to and I just felt super down. I would always wear baggy shirts and sweatshirts to cover myself up. I felt more comfortable that way. I dressed as a tomboy as most people would say. If I remember correctly I believe my highest weight ever was around 160 or so. I am 29 years old now and will be 30 in December. I am on the short side so my weight really did show on my body.

Fast forward…In 2012 I was asked to be a bridesmaid in one of my close college friend’s weddings. She lives in MA and I am in NYC. She told me about Weight Watchers and how she was going to try it out to help her loose some weight for her big day, she told me I should also do it with her and we could keep each other accountable through text, e-mail and phone calls. Well it was working for her so I then signed up for it and I my first week I was down 4 pounds! It is now 2016 and I am still on Weight Watchers and I am down 30 or so pounds. During my Weight Watchers journey, a family friend told me I should try out a spin class with her. So, I said sure. I was hesitant about it since, I was heavy and didn’t think I could do it or would like it. After my first ride with Lori A. at the upper west side studio, I could not walk for over a week and I was in pain. Told myself I would never do a class again and I was proud that I had tried it out. Well the following December I did a birthday ride also with Lori A. at the west side studio. After that birthday ride, is when I became, as most people would call it, addicted to SoulCycle.

SoulCycle, as most people call it their therapy and a temple for them. It really has helped me on my weight loss journey and I am so happy that I actually tried it more times after telling myself that I was not going to ever do it again. I have taken many different instructors, male and female. They all have their own sense of music playlists and teaching ways. I then took an instructor named Anandah. I was hesitant at first to take a new instructor for me because I was used to only going to the same 3 that I usually took. Once my class with Anandah was over I was very happy and felt good about myself that I tried her class out. Her music playlists are always AMAZING and she is very upbeat and really says meaningful soulful things and mantras in class. I am so very lucky to be able to ride in her classes as much as I have already. She is not only a great instructor but she is also an amazing person all around. Very welcoming and knew my name after my first class with her. She has also given me some shout outs during classes in which that helps me get through the hills or tap backs that we are doing.

The very latest challenge that I have done with SoulCycle was the TURN IT UP 20. Which are 20 classes in 30 days. This was one of my big accomplishments that I have done at SoulCycle. Who would have thought that  after the experience I had in my first class ever would turn into me doing this challenge 4 years later and I have done smaller challenges as well at SoulCycle. I took many of these 20 classes with Anandah!

Some other accomplishments have been for me finishing the NYC MARATHON 2 years in a row. And doing it again in 2016! And other half marathons and smaller races as well. SoulCycle and ANANDAH have helped me train for these races and I can’t thank you enough Anandah for your amazing support in and out of classes. Congrats on your new website and I feel privileged to be able to share my story on it!