Music is awesome. I have been immersed in music from my earliest memories. I love nearly all genres of music and find something beautiful within each. For most people, listening to music is important. From my experience, which is backed up by scientific data, music is soothing, healing, and energizing. It can ease pain, help with focus, improve our exercise performance, boost our mood, and so much more.

I began studying voice when I was 7 years old, and started classical private voice lessons when I was 12 at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. I do have an expert level of knowledge and affinity for classical music. However, growing up I was also immersed in alternative, jazz and rock music. Music has been an active, daily part of my life.

I have found over the years that the anger, sadness, and helplessness I felt really lived not just in my mind and heart, but also in my body. It is through music and movement that I have experienced profound physical and emotional healing. The integration of music and movement is very powerful. It has helped me to release over time what I have stored on a visceral level.

As I developed as an instructor at SoulCycle, I became increasingly interested in exploring how newer artists are expressing themselves. This is why much of what I play in my class is a celebration of these new voices!

Here is the Strong Passionate Limitless Spotify Link that I will update weekly. You can click each song from these lists right here and they will play! Have fun checking themĀ out:

What I Am Playing In Class Now

New Releases I Love

Classical Music Favorites