Over the past 14 years I have used a Dreambox.  It’s a kleenex sized box with Post-it® notes and a pen. Every time there has been something I want to grow in my life or let go of, I put it in my Dreambox. This has always included my personal DreamGoals: a partner, a child, friendships I want to grow or let go of, and professional goals. Our lives are forever changing, growing in incredible ways. Our ability to cast our dreams and goals into a positive space can be more powerful than we realize.

I was curious about how we could create that same positive space in this community to represent the power and strength of coming together with our DreamGoals. This is my idea of SPL’s version of my Dreambox. Each leaf on this vine is your personal Post-it® note of dreams. With every dream added, our vine will continue to grow!

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For my business, Jameela Imports, to grow and make an impact on the women of Jordan.

I want to not feel guilty for taking care of myself.

To be a more attentive friend.

To do well on my exams.

To become pregnant in the next year.

That my mom’s health improves soon.

I want the promotion in my job that I am up for.

Have the courage to let my family know I’m gay.

to doubt myself less, and trust myself more

To care less about what other people think

To enjoy college and not let the pressures of schoolwork get to me.

To see vulnerability as a strength. 

To worry less. 

To learn how to let go of unnecessary  stress, anxiety and worries. It’s a waste of my time. 

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